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Team Up With a Tried and True Electronics Repair Company in Fort Mill, SC!

Welcome to Cellular Refresh! We're an electronics repair company offering a wide range of electronic repair services around the Fort Mill, SC, area. But we're more than just a cell phone repair shop! We pride ourselves on our extensive catalog of electronic products and accessories. Our goal is to create a new and unique experience for our customers. We want to establish a one-on-one interaction that redefines customer service geared toward ultimate satisfaction and consistency. Don't settle for less than the best, and allow us to give your electronic device a second chance.

Here's a list of reasons why you should work with us:

  1. We offer same-day service.
  2. We work with high-quality parts and equipment.
  3. We're expert technicians.
  4. We offer exceptional customer service.
  5. We can repair everything!
  6. We're ISO 9001;2017 certified.
  7. We're locally owned and operated.
  8. We offer a Lifetime Warranty.

We Offer Comprehensive Electronics Repair Services

For almost a decade, our electronics repair company has been repairing and fixing a myriad of problems related to various electronic devices. Trust us; we have seen and repaired it all! As leading technicians, we have access to all the required specialized equipment and tools to fix everything from a broken screen to a more complex micro soldering work in our electronic repair services in Fort Mill, SC.

Our services include:

Get a Diagnostic, and We'll Provide You With a Free Estimate!

These days, most electronic devices have a planned date of expiry. This is a threat against us, the consumer, as it forces us to spend more and more money on the latest device. Here at Cellular Refresh, we believe that we should use our devices until the last drop, and we'll go the extra mile to ensure that yours is up and running until it burns out! But, we also believe in freedom of choice, so if you want to buy a brand new device, we've got you covered. If you're in the Fort Mill, SC, area, contact us today and call 803-881-8833 to schedule a diagnostic test, and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate.

We took a broken hard drive in and was quickly, (with no diagnostic charge) advised that it was beyond repair but they could refer us elsewhere if our content was deemed vital. In addition my husband had his cellphone screen and microphone fixed at a fair cost. The store is unassuming but once you step inside it's bright, clean, and personable.


I left my iPhone on top of the car and it fell off and was ran over by a car before I could get back to the phone. I looked up someone who could possibly fix the phone without having to take to the the Apple store and these guys (brothers) had good reviews and were in Fort Mill near the Lowe's. I took it in right when they opened at 10am and they had it fixed within 30 minutes. Very knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend them.


Unbelievably good customer service! Had my iPhone screen and camera repaired. Price was fantastic and it was ready in less than an hour. Feels like a new phone! Please use this local business if you have repair needs. (They also have lots of accessories!)


Outstanding service and expert knowledge is what separates this team from other similar services! This was my 4th time using them knowing that that they are solutions driven and results proven company. I'm actually using them for a high end vehicle cosmetic job and fully expect they continue the excellent work! I strongly recommend them!!